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Virtual office solution is best suited for our clients who are looking to set up a company and are working from home or non-office locations but need a professional office image and quality reception support. Below is how A+ can assist our VO clients:
  Service monthly fee   Plan A   Plan B   Plan C   Plan D  
>> Startup Promotion   HK$125   HK$180   HK$280   HK$390  
>> Prepay 12 months   HK$99   HK$144   HK$224   HK$312  
>> License the commercial building to
publish selected address
>> Receiving mail and small parcel          
>> Mail handling with email notification          
>> Notifying all incoming calls and message by email            
>> Calls transfer to the designed local number after answering call              
>> Private Tel number with mail box              
>> Share fax number and forwarding via email           ✔ free 50 page      
>> Private fax number and forwarding via email               ✔ unlimited  
>> Call transfer after office hours              
>> Mail / Parcel redirection (SF courier pay by receiver)            
>> Call answering using your company name              
>> Special offer for renting meeting rooms   20% discount   30% discount   40% discount   50% discount  
  ** Our Office Hours is from 9:00am - 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)
** After office hours, the additional charges will be $500/hour and Air conditioning charges will be $300/hour